About Us

Poly Express supplies a range of products including food packaging, plastic and paper bags, custom printed products in food, catering, grocery and health industries.

Poly Express has been serving the New York Metro Area since 1999. Our product variety and distribution area expanded throughout the years to include innovations to new products along with the introduction to environmentally friendly packaging products. The business has changed and grown considerably over the years to become what is now well known and recognized nation wide.

Poly Express is proud to be a supplier of several Government Offices and Agencies as well as corporations and leading companies.

Our Mission

Service Quality is our main goal before and after you receive our products and services.

Our sales, distribution, and customer service team are highly trained to provide excellent satisfaction.

We provide our customers with value-added integrated supply services to enable them to focus on their core businesses and increase their efficiency and competitiveness.

Product Quality:

Poly Express has been committed to supplying high quality products to its customers.

Our sourcing policy is working with our preferred suppliers who are typically international manufacturers of market leading brands.

Price Guaranty:

Our long term success is result of high service quality, high product quality, and competitive pricing. Our close relationship and commitment with our suppliers enable us to provide competitive pricing policy in this volatile economy.

Enviromental Responsibility:

Poly Express recognizes the environmental concerns and takes action to reduce its carbon footprint. Poly Express is always looking for new products that are eco-friendly, ways to manufacture that produce less waste than traditional methods, and reduce paper waste by utilizing more electronic communication.