Trash Liners

/ Coreless Trash Liners HDPE

Plastic bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage. Plastic bags can be incinerated with their contents in appropriate facilities for waste-to-energy conversion. They are stable and benign in sanitary landfills.

Our plastic trash bags are made with premium polyethylene resins, manufactured in the USA, at our Paterson, NJ facility.

Coreless Trash Liners HDPE

Blue trash bags are increasingly popular for use where a recycling program is in place and are designed for recycling paper, cans, plastic bottles and more. The translucent blue bag allows for quick and easy visual confirmation of the contents and prevents unwanted disposal of recyclable materials.

Produced with only the highest quality LLDPE virgin resins enables these recycle bags to stretch, resist tears and puncturing.

Poly Express Coreless Trash Liners
Product Code Dimensions Capacity (Gallons) Gauge (Mil) Strength Quantity / Case Price
PB-2424 24 x24” 10 11      
PB-2433 30 x 33” 12-16 14 Medium 250  
PB-3340 30 x 36” 33 14 Heavy 100  
PB-4048 40 x 48” 40-45 16 Heavy 100  
PB-3858 38 x 58” 55 22 Heavy 100